Parrot On A Pirate

Hello, my name is Jordan! I'm from Long Island, New York. You should Follow me because I need the approval of others to boost my deteriorating self-esteem. I'll follow you back as long as your tumblr isn't terrible.

This is my Blog, I'll call it my "Jog" because my name is Jordan, it is my Blog, and it would be faster than saying "Jordan's Blog" every time. Plus this way when I'm on the internet I can tell people I'm "Jogging" and not feel like the piece of crap that I am.

" 'Parrot On A Pirate', boy that's an interesting name Jordan!"
Thanks planted audience member, I should explain the name of my Jog. Like a Parrot On A Pirate's shoulder, I personally don't do very much of interest. However I cling to the shoulder of my Pirate; the internet, my friends, and the music that talented people make but I use to express myself with because I have no marketable talents. Though I don't contribute to the actions of the Pirate, I share in the adventure and, like a Parrot, can vomit back the interesting things i find back to you, my alleged friends and fan (hey grandma).

"Jordan, you don't seem like the type to keep a blog, what's up with that?"
Thanks planted audience member but please shutup and let me finish. I know I don't seem like the type. That's why I'm calling it a Jog.



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